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For you: the encoded; for you, the hidden secrets.

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My Skin Hurts Foreward My Skin Hurts Foreward


Over 300 pagesDear Readers,

This book "My Skin Hurts" is a Biblical View On Black History. Its time that the play field be returned back into the hands of the remnant of the black pillars; its time that the black outcasts of Israel,the remnant decendants of Jacob be finally grace with the 100% truths. The message of this book has not been compromise in its presentation, it is a savory spiritual meal prepared from real protein meat, to be serve as an offering that shall return strength into the hands of black people: "For you: the encoded; for you, the hidden secrets and mysteries of our past present and pending future, things that are to come hereafter."

This end-time book accomplished: "God's final end-time advise." in this publication foreward; the lamb and the sheep with woolly hair has been spared; no longer will Black people be made a sacrifice for the self betterment of the powerful. This meal is es specially prepared for black people, it is a rich meal made from goat meat; this time the straight hair rams/goats has been slaughtered exposed revealed and made the sacrificed in the preparation of this savory meal bought forth to be served at the table of the Black remnants of Jacob, the outcasts of Israel who were scattered in ships to serve the rich as slaves of Gentle nations in the four corners of the Earth.

Many people will hate the message of this book, it shall caused them to tremble and roar in their congregation against it, claiming it to be a prejudice and evil book; that brings judgment to the mighty, reveal's and expose the powerful of this world; for Black people, this book publishes good tidings of peace hope deliverance joy and salvation, saying our Heavenly Father is alive and is coming back to gather His Children. Kudos and much respect to any white person who read this book, may God blest you: "Blessed is he who readeth, understand, hear the message,and prepare himself for the end times are upon us."

Purchase this (book) its extra oil for your Lamp to light your pathway unto the gate of the marriage of the Lamb!


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